Intermittent Computing with Peripherals, Formally Verified.

Gautier Berthou, Pierre-Évariste Dagand, Delphine Demange, Rémi Oudin, Tanguy Risset.

Paper accepted at LCTES20

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Main results

Auxiliary definitions, and intermediate refinements

Our proof is organized as a series of refinements, modulo some subtrace relations. The global refinement chain is

PLF ⊆sub PLFO ⊆ PL ⊆sub PLO ⊆ SPEC

PLFO and PLO are intermediate checkpointing schemes where non-determinism related to checkpointing failures (PLFO), and power-interrupts during power-continuous sections (PLO) are removed, thanks to oracles. We prove the existence of those oracles, and that they progressively lead to a corresponding trace in SPEC.

Corresponding definitions and proofs are in the following files: